The Film Unruhr is based on a young girl named Maila, who enjoys spending most of her time in her own mind-palace. She passionately loves the element of water and always has a snowglobe alongside her, which contains a wax-model of a mermaid. A present of her beloved, deceased father. Because of a car accident Maila and her mother end up at an abandoned Camping site at the shore of the river Ruhr. There Maila sees a man in a black coat, water-blue eyes, standing on the inner-shore of the river. He seems to be waiting just for her. Curiously Maila walks up to him. An old Woman, who lives there in a caravan for many years, observes her inconspicuous, while pays attention to Mailas mother. The young girl wants to get to know the man, that seems to come out of the river Ruhr, the river that her mermaid obviously would prefer rather than a small snow globe. Fascinated by his appearance she doesn’t hear the many voices. voices of children that come from the depths of the river.